The Help Desk provides you a single point of contact for all your technology needs. We fulfill application and technology related requests; identify and troubleshoot application and technology related problems. If we are unable to resolve your problem or fulfill your request, we will escalate and help facilitate a resolution

Contact Info:

Phone: (562) 473-7400
Internal: 7007400
Self-Submit Ticket (internal use only)

Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday: 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Weekends and Major US Holidays: CLOSED


OSCAR is our Property management and Tenancy management system. OSCAR interfaces seamlessly with Siebel, and monitors client reservations, property inventory, guest tenancies, and client billing information.

Siebel is our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Pricing platform. Siebel is primarily used by Sales to manage Clients, Contacts and Sales Opportunities. Our Revenue Management team establishes and maintains all US Domestic pricing within Siebel. In addition, Siebel interfaces directly with OSCAR allowing sales to submit reservations directly into our tenancy management system.

epic™ is a custom built sourcing platform. It’s the only end-to-end solution of its kind on the market today. epic™ is designed to simplify our client’s procurement process and provide them the greatest range of housing options possible.

Oakwood Worldwide allows access to Oakwood email from a mobile device. Employees that are approved for access to email from a mobile device are given an option to use a company paid device or participate in the company's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. Apple iPhones (iOS latest -1) and Android phones (Android latest -1) are the only supported devices for BYOD. Tablets of any kind are not supported.

Seek direction and instruction from your supervisor to participate in this program.

MDM Instructions

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  • Corporate Office
    The Corporate Office utilizes Secure Print. Instructions can be found here

    Printers are managed by the Help Desk for Citrix. If you need a printer added, please submit a support ticket.

    All WSSC Printers begin with PHX-MFC followed by the station numbers.
    To add a printer, click here and choose the one nearest to your station.

    Password Requirements: Passwords must be 8-15 characters long with at least one capital and one alpha-numeric character.
    Passwords need to be changed every 90 days. You will receive a warning beginning 14 days prior to your password expiration.

    Corporate Office (Long Beach)
    WSSC (Phoenix)
    EMEA (London)
    APAC (Singapore)