Citrix Support


Welcome to Oakwood's Citrix environment. We are capitalizing on Citrix XenApp's reputation for delivering a virtual desktop experience and are embracing the numerous benefits that Citrix has to offer. Some of the key benefits that users will experience include, but are not limited to:           

Increased Speeds and Performance

         Oakwood Worldwide applications will perform faster and more efficiently.

         Login times will also be decreased.

         Multiple monitor support.

         Sound is supported with newer hardware. For associates using the older "Wyse" terminals, sound may not work.

Enhanced Security

    Within a properly controlled and administered Citrix environment, IT can perform maintenance and update anti-virus utilities to prevent the risk of virus outbreaks.

How To

Connecting to Citrix from within the Oakwood Login from a Desktop:
If you want to install and login to Citrix on your desktop computer, click here.

Login from a Laptop:
If you want to install and login to Citrix on your laptop computer, click here.

Adding a Printer:
In the event that a printer is not automatically recognized with your Citrix desktop session, please perform the following steps to add your printer.

Using Dual Screen Monitors from a Desktop or Laptop:
To use dual screen monitors on your desktop or laptop computer, follow the instructions here.

Current News

Desktop Icon Positioning:
Currently, we are aware that Citrix is not always saving desktop icon position once a user arranges these icons, logs out and then initiates a new session. This is a known issue within the Citrix community and we will need to await vendor response before being able to implement a solution.

Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility:
Presently, Oakwood Worldwide only supports the Internet Explorer 8 browser for all internal Oakwood applications and corporate websites. Internet Explorer 8 is the current default browser within Citrix.

Google Chrome Compatibility:
Chrome has been installed on the Citrix desktop as a workaround to view non-Oakwood affiliated websites that may require an updated browser. Additionally, if you experience any problems viewing links, you will need to copy and paste the web address into the Chrome       address bar.

Oakwood Help Desk

The Help Desk is designed to provide you a single point of contact for all your technology needs with a focus on troubleshooting, identifying, and resolving application/technology related issues. The Help Desk is trained to ensure if your issue is not resolved on your first contact, then advanced technical/application support is engaged to facilitate resolution in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact the Help Desk at 310.444.2391 (VCP: 7002391), or email You may also submit a Help Desk Self-Submit Ticket.

The help desk hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6:00AM-5:00PM (Pacific Time), Saturday and Sunday CLOSED.