Activating iPhones on Oakwood Citrix MDM Server


These directions will guide an email enabled user through activating their Apple iPhone on the Oakwood Citrix MDM server. If you have WiFi available, connect to it before starting this process. If not, make sure you’re in an area with good cell reception.


**These instructions were created using iOS 13, details may vary slightly depending on which iOS you are using and may change in the future**


1. From the home screen, open the APP Store on your device.

2. In the App Store you will search for Citrix Secure Hub

When you locate the app you will then click to install.

3. Once it is downloaded, head back to the home screen and open the application.

 **Secure Hub will ask if you want to allow notifications, you can choose to allow them or not**


4. Enter your OAKWOOD email address and then click next.


5.  Enter your username and network password for this section and then click next.




6. After you enter the username or password it will open a site to download the MDM Profile. You will then select allow.


7. After you select “Allow” it will guide you to go to your settings to install the MDM Profile and then select close.


8. Go back to your home screen and then you will go to your settings. Scroll to the GENERAL TAB. Once you are in the general tab scroll down till you locate the PROFILE TAB.


9. Click on the profile tab and then you will locate the “XENMOBILE PROFILE SERVICE”. Go ahead and click on it and then it will take you to another screen where you will select to install.  Then you will enter your passcode for your device to install it.


10. After you enter the passcode then it will prompt to install. Then the profile will start to download. It will bring up another screen to verify the installation go ahead and click install.



Then it will ask to trust the Remote Management and you will click on “TRUST”.


11. If the profile successfully installs for you go ahead and click on done. Then go ahead and go back to the Citrix Secure Hub App. Once you open the Application then it will automatically ask you to create a pin to log in. After you create the pin it will ask you for the device location, this would be up to you to either select allow or don’t allow.


12. To install the Citrix Secure mail go ahead and click on the 3 lines on the upper right to open the STORE.



13. A VPN configuration will pop up you must select allow VPN followed by entering your passcode for the iPhone.


14. After selecting the STORE option it will bring you to the in application store to install SECURE MAIL.

You will go ahead and open it and then just select Reinstall to install it, it will show like this even if it’s your first time.



15. Once the apps have finished installing, open SecureMail. Upon launching SecureMail, you will be prompted for your current network password. You can select the amount of mail you want sync’d to your phone by changing the Sync Mail Period here (Default is 3 days).

Press Sign On. Your email may take a little while to fully synchronize.